Sunday, May 30, 2010

Don't Read this if you're not a handler

What types of throwing exercises should I do for the scoobers and hammers, blades and such?


Have a receiver facing you about 10-15 yards away. Throw blady OI scoobers aiming to hit the right shoulder and IO's aiming for the left shoulder. Once you can do that, go back to normal scoobers that end up pretty much flat (i.e. the print is facing straight down). I can think of three situations where a scoober is the right throw:
  • Popping a scoober over the cup to someone who is standing still.
  • In endzone offense, if you're forced backhand and you're looking for an iso at the front of the stack. It's a thrower-led pass to space on the break side. The throw is flat to slightly inside out.
  • You're trapped on the sideline with a backhand force. Your dump cuts upline and has lots of space in front of him. If his defender goes hard inside to try to cut off the angle for the backhand, you can pop a scoober over the top that will sit in front of the dump cutter.


Do the same, aiming to hit the appropriate shoulder with a blady IO or an IO for distances of 15-40 yards. After that, throw to a cutter who is making horizontal cuts each way, angled cuts, or cuts directly away from you. For the away cuts, you want the throw to drop in over the appropriate shoulder and sit in front of the receiver. Also, check out the discussion here.


By blades, I just mean an OI forehand that doesn't sit. Again, you want to start off aiming at the left shoulder of a stationary receiver. If you can control your blades, they are a great weapon for baby hucks of 20-40 yards. You can often place the disc where your receiver can get to it but his defender will never have a chance.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Training

Given your current strength, track and plyos can maximize your speed and jumping in a few months. The only way to get faster from year to year is to get stronger. We'll probably start jumping workouts in December again. The stronger you can get by then, the more potential you will have to turn that strength into speed and explosiveness. If you get in the gym three days a week for the next six months, how much stronger can you get?

The template I recommend is Westside for Skinny Bastards. You can also download a pretty PDF of the same info here. You get to choose what exercises you want to use. You should rotate exercises every 3-4 weeks. I suggest you stick to pullup variations for your max effort upper body exercise. As always, do a dynamic warmup before you lift. You should try to arrange your lifting schedule so you play Ultimate on your upper body days.

If you want to do a different program, that's fine so long as it includes heavy lower body exercises. If your lifts are improving and you're using more weight from week to week, keep doing what you're doing. If you aren't getting stronger, you should try something else.

If you are not playing Ultimate this summer: I suggest doing the basic 4-day template and replacing the dynamic lower day with either a track or jumping workout.

If you are just playing pickup or playing on a team that's not going to Sectionals: Do the basic 4-day template and skip the dynamic lower day and lift three times per week.

If you are playing on a team that you will be playing with at Sectionals: For June and July, do the basic 4-day template and skip the dynamic lower day, lift three times per week, and do 1-2 conditioning workouts (barefoot!) per week. For August and September, do two full-body lifts, two track workouts, and 2-3 conditioning workouts per week.

Other stuff:
Feel free to email me if you have questions.

Throwing Advice

Most of the players who asked about what they should work on over the summer got a variation of this basic advice:

  • Having big hucks isn't that important, but you should try to get to a point where you are consistently able to throw flat 40 yard forehands and backhands with a mark on you.
  • Become great at breaking the mark. That means being able to throw low-release IO/flat/OI forehands/backhands with as much extension as possible.
  • Get faster with a disc in your hands. The best way to do this is to practice your fakes and pivoting in front of a mirror.
  • Work on your balance and footwork so you're really quick running give-and-go's to either side.
  • Think about how you throw (grips, footwork, etc.). Decide whether your technique is basically good and you just need incremental improvements, or whether you need to start over from scratch.

If you'd like something more advanced, here's what I sent to the team in 2007:

Some of you seemed a bit confused by part of an email I sent Micah, so I thought I'd try to clarify what I was talking about. For those of you who sent me sarcastic emails or were making fun of me at dinner last night, I did not give Micah any formulae or equations for improving his throws. What I did do was implicitly define a couple equivalence relations.

What I wrote:

Work on varying the flight paths and amount of touch you put on your throws. Rather than just thinking about (1) using throw A to get the disc from point B to point C, think about (2) using throw A to get the disc from point B to point C with flight path D in time E.

The equivalence relations can be described as:

(1) Let A1, A2 be a type of throw (forehand, backhand, etc.)
Let B1, B2, C1,C2 be elements of R^3+ := {(x,y,z) in R^3 s.t. z>0}
Let D1, D2 be the (smooth) flight paths in R^3+

Then define the equivalence relation == by
for throws X=(A1,B1,C1,D1), Y=(A2,B2,C2,D2)
X==Y if
a. A1=A2
b. B1=B2
c. C1=C2
d. There exists a diffeomorphism from D1 to D2 where we consider D1, D2 as differentiable 1-manifolds embedded in R^3.

(2) Let A1, A2 be a type of throw (forehand, backhand, etc.)
Let B1, B2, C1,C2 be elements of R^3+ := {(x,y,z) in R^3 s.t. z>0}
Let D1, D2 be the (smooth) flight paths in R^3+
Let E1, E2 be the time the disc is in the air.

Then define the equivalence relation === by
for throws X=(A1,B1,C1,D1,E1), Y=(A2,B2,C2,D2,E2)
X===Y if
a. A1=A2
b. B1=B2
c. C1=C2
d. E1=E2
e. D1(t)=D2(t) for all t in [0,E1], where D1, D2 are parameterized by t so that:
D1(t)=x1(t)i+y1(t)j+z1(t)j, for t in [0,E1], D1(0)=B1, D1(E1)=C1
D2(t)=x2(t)i+y2(t)j+z2(t)j, for t in [0,E2], D2(0)=B1, D2(E2)=C2

Basically, to improve your throws, you need to start thinking in terms of ===, not ==. Hope that clears things up.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nationals Travel

Coordinate flights/driving stuff here.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2nd Annual Podbox Invitational - 5/7

Captains meeting at 3:50.

  • Stall comes in at 5.
  • Picks are legal.
  • Rolling subs.
  • Must clear the disc on every score or change of possession.
  • Make it, take it.
  • Spikes are mandatory after scores if you are winning by 3+.
  • Sun's out=Guns out.
  • 2nd Place - 100 burpees each
  1. Jonas Brothers + Miley
  2. New Kids on the Block
  3. N.W.A
  4. Take That
  5. Menudo
  6. The Jackson 5

Round Time Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
1 4:00-4:15 1 v 3 2 v 5 4 v 6
2 4:20-4:35 1 v 2 3 v 4 5 v 6
3 4:40-4:55 1 v 4 2 v 6 3 v 5
4 5:00-5:15 1 v 6 2 v 3 4 v 5
5 5:20-5:35 1 v 5 2 v 4 3 v 6
6 5:40-6:00 Final

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PLU Scrimmage

Video is here. I suggest you download the video. It's much easier to see what's going on when you can go frame by frame.

Point out anything you notice, or if you're Gspence, tell me why I'm wrong and why your poaching was really a great idea.

UPS 0 - 0 PLU (1:25)
  • 1:31 - Kip is in exactly the right place as last back on the break sideline cutter. This allows Eli and Kevin to shut down the under cuts. Rollie is standing a yard behind his man on the open sideline. He's not really in a position to help anyone, so he should be setting up with his body directly between the cutter and the disc.
  • 1:35 - First under cuts are shut down. We've still got Kip poaching deep. Eli should have stayed under his man as he cleared out on the open side. Instead, Eli's man gets open underneath. Gspence does a good job of being out in the lane for a couple seconds (watch how many times he looks from dump to disc), then tightening up and shutting his man down. PLU handlers help us out by not knowing what the force is and running the wrong dumps.
  • 1:48 - I don't know why Gspence is poaching when the disc comes back, but the dump gets thrown right to him and he gets the (fake?) D.
  • 2:01 - We're on the sideline, force middle. Rollie needs to be cleared to the far sideline. Gspence's give-and-go doesn't go. Cead could have immediately swung to Rollie and cut up line.
  • 2:08 - Rollie cuts up line, but he doesn't have an angle and is never open. We now have three cutters and Rollie within 10 yards of the open sideline. After Eli dumps the disc, we'd probably be better off if he stayed as a handler instead of cutting upfield. He does a good job of clearing out of the way to the break side.
  • 2:14 - We complete 3 passes in 5 seconds for an easy score.
UPS 1 - 0 PLU (2:28)
  • 2:36 - I assume we're forcing home here. Cead has a really good mark that's putting pressure on every throw. Luke's poach allows us to trap PLU on the sideline.
  • 2:39 - Alex gets caught watching the disc with his back to his cutter, and gets badly beaten under. Again, on the open sideline, you want to get your body directly between the cutter and the disc.
  • 2:43 - Christian is last back here, and allows three cutters to get behind him. PLU makes a bad decision on the huck (no lane to throw into), and we get the turn.
  • 3:00 - Off the dump to Christian, we have 3 cutters going deep. That means none are open.
  • 3:07 - After catching the dump, Gspence could have immediately run a give-and-go back to Christian.
  • 3:11 - Kip times his deep cut very well off the dish to Christian. However, he slightly angles his cut toward the open side instead of cutting straight down the field. This gives Christian less of a lane to huck into and makes it a more difficult read for Kip. Kip could have made the catch much easier by using his body and getting inside position.
UPS 2 - 0 PLU (3:28)
  • 3:34 - Force is home. Rollie is last back, though he probably could push a little more to the middle of the field. Kevin is on the open sideline, where we're standing a yard behind the cutter again. Micah and Cead have the two middle cutters perfectly sandwiched.
  • 3:36 - Micah and Cead don't realize they have the tw0 middle cutters perfectly sandwiched. Instead of switching, Cead's cutter is wide open under and Micah's cutter is open deep. Nitai has poor body position on the dump; he's going to get beat to his inside shoulder on the upline cut.
  • 3:38 - Micah steps out of the way instead of using his body to block the under cut. Kevin is still standing a yard behind his man on the open sideline. Nitai gets beat inside on the upline cut.
  • 3:42 - Kevin is all by himself downfield and does a good job of sticking right on his man. Cead has his hips turned instead of staying square to his cutter, allowing the cutter to go behind his back as we get beat upline again.
  • 4:11 - Kevin is on the break side and his marker isn't taking away the deep cut. The play call gets the two open side cutters out of the way, and Kevin is wide open going deep. Kevin starts his deep cut from only 15 yards in from of the disc, which gives Rollie an easier huck look.
  • 4:30 - If Micah cuts right to the cone, it's an easy score.
UPS 3 - 0 PLU (4:40)
  • 4:51 - Force is home. We're standing behind the cutter on the open sideline again. Rollie is positioned well on the dump, but he gives up his position and gets beaten upline to his inside shoulder. Our aggressive mark leads to a break (this is going to happen), but we do a good job of shutting down any continuation.
  • 5:01 - Luke does a bad job of setting the mark and gives up an upfield break. Nitai needs to be protecting deep on the break side here. Kip does a good job of maintaining underneath position on the open side deep cut.
  • 5:08 - Gspence needs to be taking away the under cut here.
  • 5:24 - We give up another upfield break. Gspence is now on the break side cutter, and is finally in a position where he should be looking at the disc and poaching.
  • 5:29 - I'm not sure if this was a good time to fast break, but Rollie finds an open cutter right away.
  • 5:34 - Rollie does a good job of not cutting upline and getting to the break side as he clears upfield.
  • 5:38 - Gspence clears upfield, so Alex needs to stay as a handler so we have two options on the sideline dump.
  • 5:47 - Kevin is on the open sideline and doesn't really have any good options. He should probably clear across the field to open that space for someone else. He eventually gets open on a completely horizontal cut that is a pretty low percentage throw. His only real chance of staying inbounds is a right foot/left hand scissor catch.
  • 6:01 - Nitai and Kip do a nice job of switching here. Nitai probably could have shut the under cut down if he kept his body between the cutter and the open side. Luke has deep help from Kip, but he probably should stay closer to the break sideline cutter. Rollie keeps his head up while maintaining good position on the dump, and almost gets a poach D.
  • 6:11 - Gspence is finally in the right place on the open sideline cutter. Gspence then lets the cutter run right by him and get open under. Kip allows the break sideline cutter to get behind him right as the pass is dropped (Gspence fake D #2).
  • 6:20 - Gspence does a good job of listening to me, stepping back, and waiting for the cutters to get set up.
  • 6:33 - Kip is on the break side and is wide open if he goes deep. Rollie needs to be set up level with the disc.
  • 6:38 - All four cutters are on the break side (this is good). Rollie loses 6 yards on the dump and Cead is too close, so even if Gspence had run the give-and-go, it probably wouldn't have been open.
  • 6:41 - Rollie has an opportunity to hit Cead immediately for a give-and-go. Waiting 2 seconds means we lose another 5 yards.
  • 6:45 - Alex has a step going deep, but he's on the open side and there is no lane for Cead to throw into. Since the handlers have been moving backwards, Alex is almost 35 yards downfield when the huck goes up. He doesn't get a good read on the disc.
  • 6:52 - Luke and Kip are in good position underneath on the open side. They then watch as Rollie and Cead's cutters run right by them.
  • 7:03 - Kip is out of position as he sets the mark and could have given up another break. Gspence has his back to his cutter and gets beaten under on the open sideline again.
  • 7:14 - Good awareness by Gspence to see that his marker is behind him and he's open upline. Style points for Cead. Gspence's marker gets the force wrong, and we get an easy break for the score.
UPS 4 - 0 PLU (7:40)
  • 7:58 - Again, Rollie and Nitai are setting up behind the open side cutters. Peter is last back, so Micah could be marking more underneath. Coming in on the brick, we probably should have switched Micah and Peter so Micah was deep help. Eli is half poaching. He's not quite far enough into the lane to force an immediate swing to the sideline, but he's leaving the dump wide open.
  • 8:03 - If Rollie had been underneath his cutter, he would have seen Micah's cutter coming in, and they could have switched.
  • 8:08 - Rollie does a good job of being aware of his deep help and staying underneath his man. Micah doesn't use his body, and allows his cutter to get open under.
  • 8:11 - Kevin and Rollie both approach badly on the mark, and we give up an upfield break and a break huck. The initial goal for the mark should be to stop the around break and push the flow back to the open side. When Nitai falls down, he needs to be screaming for help. Peter doesn't see Nitai's cutter, so there's nobody within 10 yards as the cutter goes deep.
  • 8:30 - We are in a force middle dump set. Rollie is set too close, then crowds even more as the dump is thrown. Cead would have been open for the give-and-go, but Rollie was in the way.
  • 8:48 - We make things more difficult for Eli on the iso by forcing to the middle of the field instead of trapping on the sideline. If Kevin could have stayed tight on the dump while also looking at the thrower, he might have been able to step into the lane and get a D.
UPS 4 - 1 PLU (9:03)
  • 9:11 - Kevin starts his deep cut from 15 yards away, but the thrower is directly behind him, so there's no lane. He probably goes a bit to far downfield before coming back in, but he comes back in hard and times the cut well. He would have been open on the break side off of the dump if he hadn't broken off his cut.
  • 9:17 - After Cead can't continue to the break side, he has a small window to run a give-and-go back to Christian.
  • 9:21 - I don't like Rollie cutting upline here. I'd prefer him to go deep straight down the field.
  • 9:25 - We now have all 4 cutters on the open half of the field. Kevin timed his cut well and was open going deep as Micah caught the disc. I'm not sure what Micah was trying to throw to.
  • 9:35 - Kip has nothing to worry about deep, so he should be setting up underneath his man. Luke gets beaten to the inside on the upline dump cut.
  • 9:58 - Good job of getting off the line quickly. Dump-swing works well with Kevin coming out of the endzone. Christian probably should have gone upfield into the endzone while Rollie comes in to set dump. Instead, Rollie's defender allows him to get wide open on the open side.
UPS 5 - 1 PLU (10:14)
  • 10:29 - Force is away. Gspence is on the break side where he should be watching the disc, and is able to step into the lane for an easy D. Cead allows the dump to beat him inside on the upline cut.
  • 10:36 - With the poach in the lane, Peter has a chance to run an immediate give-and-go. After we hit the dump and don't continue to the break side, we Cead could have run a give-and-go right back to Peter.
  • 10:45 - Kevin times his deep cut well, but Eli's huck is a bit short.
  • 11:01 - Gspence is marking the cutter in the open side lane. He's standing behinde his cutter, and gives up an easy under cut.
  • 11:07 - Alex, Peter, and Cead are all perfectly positioned on open side cutters with their bodies betweet their cutters and the disc.
  • 11:09 - All three defenders give up their position and allow the cutters to make under cuts to the open side.
  • 11:15 - Nitai gets beaten inside on the upline dump cut. Cead sees it coming and is able to step in for an easy D.
  • 11:18 - Good decision to go for the fast break and we get an easy score.
UPS 6 - 1 PLU (11:38)

UPS 7 - 1 PLU (12:19)

UPS 8 - 1 PLU (13:18) [Christian]
  • 13:25 - Brick.
  • 13:34 - Alex Ellis and Gspence are setting up behind the stack on the open side. Both open side PLU cutters have a good look at an easy 10 yard gain. They should be under the cutters in order to cut off the easy in-cut.
  • 13:40 - Alex's man cuts from the open side to the break side and screws up the throw to the cutter behind him - turn - lucky us.
  • 13:46 - Micah picks up the disc quick, and doesn't see anything upfield. He dumps to Gspence, but the cutters are all in business for themselves. There is no stack and no organization. We are about 30 yds outside the endzone, so there should be a Willow call or least a coherent stack.
  • 13:52 - Sideline dump to Peter, Gspence doesn't go for the crab cut like he should, but sets up behind Peter for the new dump.
  • 13:58 - Gspence throws to Kevin on the open side, goes upline immediately for the dump the thows a rather awkward blade.
  • 14:05 - Kip catches for the score.


UPS 9 - 1 PLU (14:11) [Eli]
  • 14:11- PLU Pulls
  • 14:21- Rollie goes upline, maybe takes too long to clear out. On the upline cut, Rollie beats his marker to his outside shoulder, which means he's not really open and gets pushed way upfield. Cead comes back to the disc as second dump. Luke makes a nice deep cut, starting from 20 yards away from the disc, stops, then the disc is thrown by Christian. Overall it's a nice throw, Luke is not able to latch onto it.
  • 14:41- foul called on the throw, comes back. Rollie is a bit late coming back for the dump but hustles to get in the right spot. Christian should have hit Rollie early for a gaining around break. Once Rollie gets close to the disc, he could have been open upline instead of getting stuck directly behind Christian. Cead makes a nice individual effort to get open somewhere we wouldn't normally look, but isn't able to make the grab. Stack maybe a little too deep down the field. Micah pushing in from the sideline and condensing the lanes.
  • 14:59- Force is called away. Defender on the wide open side (Nitai) is in good position underneath, opposite defender (Kevin?) maybe paying too much attention to his own man and not looking to help deep. Cead should be underneath his man, whoever is next to him (luke) in good position.
  • 15:06- could have switched on the two inside cutters to prevent an open cut inside. Good D from Kevin on the break side last back as he starting looking after I wrote the last bit, Nitai still in good position.
  • 15:09- Cead gets beat underneath, except there is a drop.
  • 15:19- as we start the possession, Micah is pushed too far inside, and the inside/outside cutters are at different depths, making more of a box than a stack. After the dump, Cead and his defender are in the way in the open side lane. Rollie could have run a give-and-go right back to Cead.
  • 15:26- outside cutters are at least 25 yards away from the disc, but we get a dump off and Kevin cuts in after being poached deep to catch an easy throw. He looks upfield for Micah, and the throw is nearly cut off by Rollie cutting upline, but it is completed. Rollie probably should have cleared upfield on the break side. We now have three cutters within seven yards of the disc. We do a good job of isolating a single deep cut for Micah. Unfortunately, Nitai doesn't give him much of a lane, so Micah has to try a difficult breakmark huck.
  • 15:50- Rollie smartly lines up as a cutter but should have made his way out to the wing as we now have three inside cutters, and the lane is congested.
  • 15:56- Cead makes a nice upline cut (outside shoulder again) and Micah finds him, Kevin has his man beat deep by several yards, Rollie is in his line of sight and Cead is fouled. All 4 cutters are on the open half of the field.
  • 16:11- Micah runs through and switches with Rollie, who lines up on the wrong side of the dump, but realizes it and makes a cut to get the disc. Offense transitions smoothly into willow with kevin as the ISO. He makes a nice cut but the throw is a little off and he isn't able to grab it. His only real chance of staying inbounds is a right foot/left hand scissor catch.
  • 16:21- Luke in good position underneath his man, Nitai in good position as help deep, Cead gets out of position after his man throws the dump. Nitai doesn't go when Rollie's man beats him going long. the throw is off.
  • 16:51- Rollie smartly starts quickly and finds Cead, Micah and Kevin go deep at the same time, the dump is run very oddly.
  • 17:00- give and go doesn't go, nice throw to Kevin cutting onto the break side. He throws to micah who is already very deep (and there's no lane) and the throw is short. Luckily, Micah catches the deflection. Nitai goes through, could have turned to far cone when micah threw a pump fake. Good decision by Micah not to force the throw.
  • 17:20. Micah dumps, nitai cuts during willow when he is not the iso and doesn't get the disc. Deeps need to sprint to their positions.
  • 17:30- Cead throws mini "Bruce" push pass and Christian throws a short one to kevin for the score. Kevin casually fists the disc and throws it away like the whore it is.
UPS 10 - 1 PLU (17:35)

UPS 11 - 1 PLU (18:38) [Kevin]
  • 18:49 - Force away. Gspence is hard on the mark after Eli puts pressure on the first throw. All the cutter defensemen are lined up behind their men. Only Kip should be, and even he is a little too deep.
  • 18:56 - Rollie is out of position, to far behind his man. Christen has a good bid, if awkward, but if he used more body he could have prevented his man from getting the disc at all. The handlers are having to force things because there is hard defense on the mark and the dump. Rollie gets lucky with a bad throw.
  • 19:06 - Eli is slow to get back into position, and the cuts with Kevin start late. Kevin cuts too far deep, Christen and Gspence run a nice give and go. Kevin recognizes the deep look but f’s up the catch.
  • 19:28 - Rollie lets his cutter get open under. Both Eli and Kevin are poaching off the handlers, all the cutting defensemen are again taking away the deep cut, probably not the best decision.
  • 19:36 - Eli does a good job of staying with his man as he cuts up field from the handler position, and Micah sees the disc go up and helps get the D. Christen and Rollie let their men get a chance at the disc and get lucky with a drop.
  • 19:48 - Eli fills in as a handler because Gspence is too far down field. Gspence recognizes his position switch and makes a hard cut in. Both Micah and Kip go deep Rollie makes a up line cut and comes away with a swilly throw from Gspence. Kip sees Kevin going deep and makes a hard step in for the disc. Where is Eli?
  • 20:08 - Kevin’s defender is not playing on the open side and kip realizes and puts a disc in to space for the score.
UPS 12 - 1 PLU (20:14)

UPS 13 - 1 PLU (22:26) [Kip]
  • ups on d
  • bricked pull
  • micah on mark
  • berkel lines up under on break side, should be over
  • gspence and cead both line up right, but no one recognizes that there is
  • no last back to cover deep cuts.
  • kip was only defender defending over, his man went under, resulting in no
  • deep defender
  • kip lets cutter (nanci) under, huge huck,
  • score saved by good d by cead, who was fronting his man
  • no defender was playing last back, no defender help for cead
  • ups on o
  • cead and kevin initiate well, timing works
  • micah and kip both push back accordingly
  • micah too far into center of the field
  • kevin turfs disc attempting to upline to cbrink
  • ups on d
  • kip gspence line up corretcly, under on open side
  • berkel is over on break, cead is under on break side
  • kevin shuts down upline dump move, forcing him to go much further,
  • forces disc thrown into space, gspence poaches to get d
  • ups on o
  • gspence picks up before cutters get past disc, 3 on 2 downfield, advantage plu
  • cbrink gets open easy on upline cut,
  • micah 25 yards deep with a man on, clogging lane
  • kevin had cut deep but cut under fast
  • cbrink releases decent huck to endzone
  • kip is too slow ,faster than nancy, but too slow at even though it's a sub 5s 40yd on a sprained ankle. fucks up shin for next three weeks
  • ups on d
  • everyone lines up well on cutters
  • plu is frustrated for 40 seconds, hitting little unders which are heavily marked
  • pick call?
  • kip gets out of position, nancy goes deep
  • berkel is last back, fails to recognize it, nancy runs past
  • kip fails to catch up, though he had time
  • huck goes to nancy, catch on the 1 yard line
  • timeout called at stall 6 (gspence and cead stop their cutters from getting open, everyone reacts well)
  • berkel comes back to cover on d
  • disc in on 6, kip on mark, force sideline, kevin on tony in iso
  • plu in vert stack
  • nancy releases after 10, plu bobbles twice, is mad at stall call
  • in on 8
  • nancy turns, but breaks kip's mark
  • ups on o
  • kevin and micah flood deep, cuttin eachother off, bringing 3 defenders
  • kip is left open, 15 yards from handlers, man 5 yards behind
  • kevin cuts under, huck to micah, covered by two people is d'ed
  • ups on d
  • gspence overplays the dump, leaving him way out of position, plu gets two throws out of it
  • kevin overbids on throw, his man gets a power position, hucks deep to ceads man
  • cead nearly gets d from behind. ball 10 yards out of endzone, ups has 3 back, plu only has disc
  • cead drops off thrower perfectly to cover streaking cutter
  • desperation throw is d'ed by gspence
  • gspence hit in the balls?
  • ups on o
  • kip cuts across from breakside, gets pass, messes up kevin's cut
  • three streaking deep
  • kip makes bad pass to eli who was open coming under
  • ups on d
  • kevin poaches gets d,
  • ups on o
  • kevin streaks deep, cbrink throws huck GOALLL
UPS 14 - 1 PLU (27:44) [Luke]
  • 28.09 - nice quick center by rollie.
  • 28.13 - guy on outside is a little to close to fellow catching disc.
  • 28.17 - other inside does nice work staying out of way

UPS 15 - 1 PLU (28:34)
  • Force home, we could have been faster getting down on the pull. PLU swings it to the sideline which allows Kip to trap line. GSpence should be playing deeper as the last back on the break side
  • Their cutters are running in circles which allow Nitai, and Kevin to play underneath. Nitai should have been playing more underneath but got the D anyways because the cutter didn’t run through the disc.
  • GSpence probably could have hit Kevin at the front cone for the score but was already looking dump
  • Cead and Peter need to give more space on the sideline dump set because they’re too close together and too close to the disc. Peter needs to spread out the dump set, GSpence bails out the clusterfucked dump with a superb foul call.
  • Cead makes a great cut upline but kevin’s defender is poaching that lane and fouls cead so he drops the score. Dump swing would have been a better option instead of forcing the upline.
  • Reset Gspence dumps to cead, a little too far for the give and go. Peter needs to reset after his upline cut but goes straight across all of the throwing lanes cutting them off.
  • Micah’s defender falls asleep and he cuts in for the easy catch and then easy score to kip.

UPS 16 - 1 PLU (30:11)
  • 30:23 - Micah and Christian are both covering deep. Someone get last back and the other can cut off the under.
  • 30:26 - Alex commit to either a poach or to shutting down the dump.
  • 30:30 - Kevin good communication with turnover/cutting deep
  • 30:40 - good high 5 form everybody.
UPS 17 - 1 PLU